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Family Dentistry Advice: When Should You Bring Your Child to the Dentist?

Most healthcare experts agree that a child should have their first visit to the dentist around their first birthday. This is significant if either parent has a history of dental health issues. The American Dental Association states that a child’s first dental visit should take place around the time their first tooth appears. ***

Our office practices family dentistry, caring for all generations of your family, beginning at this young age with children. The first visit to our office will be an educational experience for both children and parents. It’s also an opportunity for parents and the dentist to establish a positive experience for the child, as well as to allow children to develop comfort and familiarity with the doctors, staff, and the office.

In preparation for your first visit, we recommend letting your child know some things to expect. Such as, opening their mouth, ‘counting teeth’, and gentle cleaning of their teeth with a toothbrush. Also, your child may practice opening and closing their mouth. This should make the activity in the dentist’s chair more natural and comfortable. Parents also can prepare by requesting the patient forms, completing them and returning them electronically before the visit.

Here are some other tips to make your first dental visit with your child a positive one:

Schedule your child when they are rested and cooperative. Provide a light meal and brush their teeth before their appointment. Avoid snacks until after the visit. Following the steps above should help you both in making that first visit enjoyable and productive.

Call Fallsgrove Center for Dentistry in Rockville, MD, to make an appointment for your child’s dental care. We will give them a gentle, and thorough examination. Our number is (301) 610-9909. You may also contact us by email at info@fallsgrovedentistry.com. We observe all COVID-19 protocols.

*** For more on a child’s first visit to the dentist, go to this link at the ADA website.

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